Scheduled Departures - Dalat

For 1 person inquiries, please see the scheduled departures listed below. Trip dates outside of the listed dates below can be booked with a 2 person minimum, depending upon the availability of guides.To book trips outside of the dates listed below, please book directly through the links on the activity pages.


Hike and Kayak

Head deep into the jungle on small rivers and tributaries that feed into the lake. Our flat water kayaks offer the stability of a canoe and the speed of a more traditional kayak. Get out into areas that are accessible only by water and see some of the natural beauty and wildlife Vietnam has to offer.

Please contact us for available dates.

Jungle Fever

Trek the first day down from Dalat to Tuyen Lam Lake. The trail is moderate on the first day and goes over Pinhatt Mountain through pine forest and ends at a campsite on the shore of the lake. The second day puts you in the jungle for the whole day as you trek the west side of the lake. This moderate trek involves about 4-5 hours of hiking each day.

Please contact us for available dates.

Jungle Boogie

Walk quietly through the vines and foliage and you might spot some of Dalat's famous birds or a troop of monkeys that were seen and heard in the area. This moderate trek takes you through rolling hills to one of the last untouched sections of jungle left in Vietnam today.
15/10/2017 4 $39 Book Now

Secret Waterfalls

Our newest trek goes into the Two Rivers Wilderness area of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park in search of some of the most remote and beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. This 17 km trek takes you from an elevation of 1,800 meters up to 1,950 meters before bringing you down through jungle fringed valleys and pine forested glades to the lake below at 1,400 meters.
20/08/2017 4 $39 Book Now

Canyoning (Full option)

This trip down the canyon is for the adrenalin junkie looking for a great day of abseilling down the waterfalls.
28/07/2017 4 $72 Book Now

Canyoning (Short Option)

This trip down the canyon is for the adrenalin junkie looking for a great day of abseilling down the waterfalls.

Please contact us for available dates.

Cycling Trips

Bike to Nha Trang

The first section of the ride starts in pine forest and rolls through the hills with beautiful views of farms, countryside and Nui Ba Mountain. The 28 kilometer, uninterrupted downhill section is the longest section of continuous downhill we offer.
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30/12/2017 4 $82 Book Now

Dragon's Tail

This 6 day adventure takes you by bike from the central highland hill station of Dalat to the World Heritage site of Hoi An. This unique journey is a fantastic way to the see country by bike in an ideal climate for biking.

Please contact us for available dates.

2 Day Bike from Dalat to Mui Ne

The 2 day ride to Mui Ne starts right from Dalat and heads east through rose farms with stunning views of Lang Bian Mountain before dropping 400 meters through a jungle forested valley.
26/07/2017 4 $192 Book Now

Bike from Dalat to Mui Ne

Bike from the Mountains to the Coast. You will get over 900 meters of descent on this 75+ km ride to Mui Ne as you wind through pine and jungle forested valleys into the tropical climate below.
03/08/2017 4 $82 Book Now
03/08/2017 5 $82 Book Now
09/08/2017 4 $82 Book Now
09/08/2017 4 $82 Book Now

Bike and Raft from Dalat to Nha Trang

This biking and rafting trip offers a fantastic alternative to getting to Nha Trang. Bike down a stunning 30 kilometer pass and then dismount your bike and get into a raft.

Please contact us for available dates.

Mountain Biking

Northern Exposure

You are in hill country ~ there is no doubt about it! Your legs will feel the burn after this 22 km ride north of Dalat. Breathtaking views of fields, forests and mountains. Semi-technical and strenuous over dirt and paved roads. This trip leaves right from our office in Dalat. We ride along picturesque scenic roads through farms to the forest paths where we start our off-road journey.

Please contact us for available dates.


This 22 kilometer ride goes around the backside of Lang Biang Mountain and into an area recently annexed by the newest National Park in Vietnam (Bidoup Nuiba). The trail heads to the best waterfall in Dalat, named Pang Tham by the local minority tribes. Swim in the crystal clear water before enjoying the downhill ride back.

Please contact us for available dates.

Crazy 8

This 33 kilometer ride is another Dalat classic. It is also the most difficult of all the off road rides we have in Dalat. Save yourself on this one as it starts out flat but ends with some daunting hills.

Please contact us for available dates.

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting

The first white water rafting trip of its kind, in Vietnam! This fantastic day trip goes into one of the least explored areas of Dalat, and down a fantastic stretch of the Da Don River with Class 2, and 3 rapids. A fantastic way to explore the deep countryside of Vietnam and get your adrenaline fix for the week at the same time.

Please contact us for available dates.

Multi Day Trips

4 Day Adventure Package

This 4 day adventure package highlights the best hot spots for adventure sports in Southern Vietnam. This trip is truly for the sports enthusiast looking to get into the Vietnam everyone else sees through a tour bus window. Possible activities include; trekking, bird watching, mountain biking, canyoning, kayaking and great sightseeing!!

Please contact us for available dates.

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